Elizabeth W.
Absolutely delicious pizza! After years of eating mediocre pizza we finally found our go-to place for authentic Italian pizza (and yummy desserts) and couldn't be happier. The place is clean, well organized, and the guys who work there are super nice and helpful.
Elliana M.
Alright, so they made this Yelp for their business a couple days after my original review (that's over at the pervious pizza places shop but who cares about that) and since I stated I'd make a more in-depth sort of review on this place when they did have it, I better not break my promise to do so. Ahem ahem ahem. I'm an avid pizza lover and i'm here to say that 916 Pizza is spectacular in a major way. There's so many pizza joints around that make mediocre pizzas that you can easily buy from a grocery store. This pizza place is not like any of those places. The food is always so vibrant with its flavors, consistent with its thin crust that's NEVER burnt to a crisp that truly remind me of family members of mine who where quite the food critics whom were also pizza snobs. I can't say enough good things about the food, and I have to comment that the two guys who work there are very hospitable and friendly, it's a place one can find comfort in any time of day and not feel bogged down by the food or the company. As I said in my previous yelp review, I still wholeheartedly recommend the Vegetarian, their BOMB ASS tiramisu, scrumptious lava cake and (since I had just left said joint as I'm writing this ) the 916 Special is another highlight of theirs you should try. Truly amazing work fellas! The food will keep you coming back for more, I know i'm pretty much addicted at this point... Okay, not the most in-depth review but what do you want me to say other than PIZZA GOOD, TUM TUM IS HAPPY, TAKE MY MONEY, YOU BUY NOW.
Raj K.
If you're looking for delicious pizza in Citrus Heights, you simply have to try 916 Pizza! This small, local family-owned business provides an exceptional dining experience that you won't want to miss. I recently had the pleasure of trying their veggie pizza and it was absolutely amazing. The flavors in the pizza tasted so natural and fresh, and the cheese was incredibly fresh too. The thin crust was perfectly crispy and delicious, making every bite an absolute joy. It's clear that 916 Pizza uses high-quality ingredients to make their pizzas. What's more, the new owners are absolutely fantastic! They were friendly, accommodating and provided exceptional service with a smile. The location is super convenient, located behind AutoZone on Sunrise with plenty of parking available. Best of all, the prices at 916 Pizza are very reasonable for the quality of food and service that they offer. As a small, local business, it's clear that they put a lot of care and effort into what they do. So if you're looking for a great pizza place in Citrus Heights, I highly recommend 916 Pizza! Come out and show your support for this amazing new local small business - you won't be disappointed!
Jyll V.
Hands down, the best pizza in Citrus Heights. If you have never tasted an authentic thin crust Italian pizza, you must try this place! You will never want anything but thin crust! All of the ingredients were super fresh and the service was impeccable. We will be back!
Fabrizio C.
Nice to see some actual authentic thin crust pizzas in Citrus Heights so good, new favorite spot !
Franck L.
Authentic tasting pizzas, delicious Can't wait to eat again.
Scott F.
Great authentic Italian pizza! I loved the Margherita and Garlic chicken. 10/10